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281.407.6217 (fax)

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Session Options

Due to the current recommendations of social distancing and other health protective measures due to COVID-19 the PRIMARY default location for session will be on-line live sessions. Sessions are encrypted and protected under the guidelines of HIPAA using Zoom. After you schedule your appointment you will receive your scheduled Zoom meeting within 48 hours of scheduling. The day of your appointment you will receive an email reminder to confirm your appointment 4 hours prior to the designate start time. If your confirmation is NOT RECEIVED 2 hours before your scheduled appointment start time, the system will automatically cancel and you will assess a NO SHOW fee. Please be sure to confirm

All appointments that require a co-payment, co-insurance or cash pay will need to completed 30 minutes prior to the session. 

Face-to-Face in person sessions are available once our office receive both of the required items below:

  • •A. Completion of the office COVID-19 Screen questionnaire prior to 4 hours of your scheduled appointment

  • and

  • •B. Proof of Full COVID-19 Vaccinations or If not vaccinated Proof of Negative COVID-19 PCR Test within 3 days of your scheduled appointment. 

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